Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reutimann Previews Las Vegas


“It was frustrating,” said Reutimann. “We had a really good car from the time we unload the Aaron’s Dream Machine to qualifying. We had a great qualifying run, but we had to change the motor causing us to start in the back. We got the car up front pretty well when the brakes began to fade. Normally the brakes would not be a problem at a track this size. We definitely could have finished better than we did and that cost us a top-10. Given the situation the No. 00 Aaron’s Dream Machine still came out with a decent finish.”


“I have been on the west coast a little over a week,” said Reutimann. First with the race in California, then I went out to Phoenix for an appearance, and now I am here in Vegas for the race this weekend. Friday I have an appearance at a newer Aaron’s store. There won’t be any gambling for me, it’s just not my thing. I have never really had much luck with it; I would rather give my money away to charity instead of to a machine. At least I can feel good about where my money is going. As for preparation, the crew will be preparing the car and I will be in contact with Rodney the crew chief to discuss some ideas and come up with a game plan for the race this weekend. Then it will be time to unload the Aaron’s Dream Machine.


“Vegas has not been very good for me,” said Reutimann. “I have not had a lot of luck at this track. Last year, I had a bang up early in the race and didn’t finish well. In the Nationwide series last season, the car was running well for most of the race. We had a mishap during the race and just was not able to ever get back up towards the front. I hope to be able to turn that around this year. We have a better program this season and Rodney and the guys have been doing a great job so far; we should be able to have a stronger finish this time around.


“The new surface at Vegas will be somewhat of a challenge this weekend,” said Reutimann. Vegas is a fast track where you race on hard tires. The hard tires are not very forgiving making it difficult to get a hold of. The challenges at this track are nothing out of the ordinary. Each and every track has its own challenges you adjust to each week.


“At this point, I really am looking forward each race in the Sprint Cup series,” said Reutimann. We have had a solid start for the 2009 season and I look forward to each week. We have a strong program this year and Rodney and the guys are great to work with. Having Aaron’s on board with us all season, makes it even more exciting. I know we can do great things this year.”


The primary chassis for the Shelby 427 is #625. This is a new car for the 2009 season. The backup car will be #608; this was a good car for David in the 2008 season.


Catch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Shelby 427 on Sunday, March 1st at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Watch the race live on FOX at 3:30 pm EST. 

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