Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David Reutimann - New Hampshire Motor Speedway Preview

CORNELIUS, N.C. — No. 00 Aaron’s Dream Machine Toyota driver David Reutimann has scored the seventh most points of any driver over the last eight races (since his last of three DNFs this season), gained nine positions in the standings - which is the most of any driver and is one of only three drivers to finish each of the last eight races on the lead lap. But, the 40-year-old from Zephryhills, Fla. knows that in order to claw his way back into the top-12 to have a shot at the Chase for the Championship his team cannot waste any time and must pick up their program.


ON WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE No. 00 TEAM TO MAKE THE CHASE WITH TEN RACES REMAINING: “We are going to have to start consistently finishing in the top five. That’s the only way to do it. The only other way is to hope that everyone in front of you has bad races, but you can’t rely on that. We just have to consistently put our Aaron’s Dream Machine in the top five and a bad day for us has to be around 11th or 12th. Even at that rate you’re still pushing the issue trying to get it done. We have our work cut out for us for sure, but we have ever since we started the year with getting knocked back in the points. We’re definitely clawing our way back, but we really have to pick up our program here and get back to running in the top five.”

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE: “We’ve been pretty good up in New Hampshire at times and we’ve also just been okay at times. It’s been a decent racetrack for us, but we’ve struggled there as well. I feel like our program has consistently gotten better at each track this year, so I’m expecting to have a good weekend.”

ON THE IMPACT OF DOUBLE-FILE RESTARTS THE LAST FEW WEEKS: “They have seemed to be a little crazy lately, but it always happens at the end of a race, where guys are trying to get a good finish. It gets a little bit brutal, especially at certain racetracks. At some racetracks it’s not so bad, but when you go to a road course or someplace where it’s really, really hard to pass and it seems like everybody starts running over one another. It’s just the nature of the beast and it’s what we have to work with. The fans seems to like it, so I guess in the end it’s not such a bad situation.”

ARE YOU EXPECTING DRIVERS TO GIVE PAYBACKS THIS WEEKEND? “I think if you’ve got a problem with a certain guy and the opportunity arises – I mean, I guess you don’t ever know. I guess it depends on the situation. A lot of times I think it’s good that we have a week in between races because it gives you a chance to cool down. Or if you have an issue with someone, it gives you a chance to talk during the course of the week. A lot of times when you get back to the racetrack things aren’t as bad as they were when you left, but at the same time some guys just don’t forget. You may see some this weekend, but it’s hard to say, it just depends on the situation.”


• In the last eight point races, Reutimann has scored 1029 points - seventh most of any driver and moved from 30th in points to 21st (See Sidebar). He is one of only three drivers to finish on the lead lap of the last eight races and collected 20 bonus points for leading laps in four of the eight. Reutimann has six top-15 finishes, including top-fives at Dover and Charlotte during that span.

• Reutimann has finished 20th or better in 12 of the 13 races that he has been running at the finish in 2010—and 15th or better in nine of the 13. Reutimann’s lowest finish in a race that he finished was 28th at Martinsville.

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